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Tourism in Pelion

Greece is the country that thousands people from all over the world choose for enjoying fun and magic in their holidays. It is famous for it's beautiful islands, the blue coasts and the magnificent and inspiring sceneries.

Greece however, is more than just the islands. There are many cities and villages located in the Central and North regions od Greece
that provide a wonderful selection of charming and unique holiday destinations. Stunning landscapess, archeological sites, natural beauty and a large variety of fun and interetsing activities that will provide you with a holiday you will never forget.

One of the most beautiful parts of Greece is the region of Magnesia, which is situated Mainland Greece and which is part of the district of Thessaly. Magnesia is a beautiful place and offering all of the modern comforts and facilities for enjoyable and stress free holidays.

The county of Magnesia has good road networks, train connections through OSE as well domestic buses operated by KTEL. The port in Volos and the airports of Anhialos and the island of Skiathos, make access to Magnesia simple and fast, from cities in both Greece and from the rest of the world.

Many coastal villages of Pelion - the stunning naturally beautiful peninsula of Magnesia, have connections with the island of Skiathos and Evia. All over the whole of Magnesia and Pelion you will find many villages and cities that are fully organised for tourism and which offer a wonderful range of facilities. The region of Magnesia includes the islands Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos that are consist of the group of islands called the Sporades.
Tourism Pelion Greece - Holidays and Travel In Pelion Greece Pilio

Pelion is the place the the mythical centaurs and heroes resided in, and the place that the gods chose for their holidays.

Visitors to Pelion will have the chance to view and admire some truly beautiful sites and inspiring landscapes.

Monuments of historical importance, architecture projects of art, as well as arched stone bridges, traditional mansions and Byzantine churches, all of which combine the characteristic of Pelion and allowing to the visitor to see how the traditional style has been preserved through the centuries.

In the whole region of Pelion there are many beautiful traditional villages that are ideal for walks and exploring. There are many natural paths ideal for trekking that lead will lead one through interesting routes where you can enjoy the natural landscape and wonderful scenery, streching out across the waters of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea.

In Pelion you have the chance to experience various activities of alternative tourism, such as trekking, mount climbing, hiking, winter sports, horse riding and many other interesting activities that are organized by local associations and agencies.
Tourism Pelion Greece - Holidays and Travel In Pelion Greece Pilio
In Pelion one can also enjoy a great choice of religious related tourism as there many wonderful Byzantine churches and monasteries scattered all over the Pelion Peninsula.

All of these are of great religious and historic importance, with interesting icon, religious artwork and relics that one can admire inside.

The majority of the Pelion villages offer accommodation facilities of various categories, with modern comforts in a beautiful environment. Pelion is fullyorganized for tourism and can cover all the needs and expectations of the modern traveler.


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