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The target of the Pelion Institute includes the developing of activities that serve the public and help the growth of the public economy on a local level with the dealings of any kind national or municipality expenditure or other financial sources that are come from the public or private section and are disposed for this cause. More specifically the institute's target includes:

  • 1. Every action that reinforces and supports local developement ( financial, social, cultural, athletic or othe r) in the region of Magnesia or beyond.
  • 2. The cooperation with institutes in development as well as participation in programs of developmental collaborations in local, peripheral or international levesl.
  • 3. The training or the collaboration in training programs of the EU, or other international associations as well as National developmental programs. The implementation, or the participation in those programs, as well as the self-contained management of resources that are related with them.
  • 4. Any other not explicitly named targets but relevant with the above.

One way in which the Pelion Institute is able to achieve its aim is through the collaboration with legal Persons of the Public or Private section within the country or out the country, within the EU, within International associations, within public services of the Greek Government and in general of the Greek Ministries, with the local municipality institutions of any grade, with other associations or institutions as well as with the private section.

Moreover the institute is able to use all means for the realisation of its aims, particularly the following means and actions that are reported indicatively and not restrictively:

  • 1. The implementation of structural programs from the European Union.
  • 2. The implementation of programs of local growth in the region of the prefecture Magnesia.
  • 3. The concentration of actions in the sector of human resources ( personnel ).
  • 4. The undertaking of actions in the sector of environmental protection and the promotion of initiatives in the cultural and athletic domain and in general the achievement of any actions, programs and activities that have as objective the economic and cultural growth of the Prefecture of Magnesia.


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