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Travel and Tourism information for Pelion

The region of Magnesia is one of the most beautiful regions in Greece and is ideal for holidays all year round. Is fully tourist organized and offers all the modern comforts to its visitors.

With excellent beaches on the Aegean and Pagasitic coasts, mountainous villages and the magnificent nature, where in every season changes colors and perfumes, is the ideal place to enjoy beautiful sceneries, modern comforts and fun close to nature.

Pelion is well known for the magnificent sceneries that it’s traditional villages composing in harmony with the natural environment. In each village there are natural paths ideal for trekking and exploring, that leading to majestic sceneries, green ravines or forests with chestnut and plain trees.

The natural morphology of the area and the accessible mountains are a natural paradise for the lovers of alternative tourism.

There are special agencies that offer services in that field of tourism and organizing trekking, climbing, mountain cycling, horse ridding activities as well as winter or water sports.

Mentioning the winter sports we should make a point about the ski center of Pelion Agriolefkes. Is a ski center with modern facilities that welcomes thousands of visitors from all over Greece that are coming here to enjoy the facilities and winter sports.

In the region of Magnesia is very popular the religious tourism and are many interesting churches and monasteries with great history that you can visit.
Travel Information Pelion Greece Pilio Tourism
Through the centuries it became clear the church’s contribution in the life of Magnesia and particularly in Pelion.

We mention just few of them, the basilica Byzantine church of Agia Marina at Kissos, the church of Agia Paraskevi at Sourpi, the 9 paleochristianic churches at Aghialos, the monasteries of Agios Onoufrios, Agios Dimitrios, Sotira, and of Agios Georgios, where the villages that these monasteries are found, are named after the saints in an attempt to honor them.

Many hotels and accommodation owners are including to their services (after prior contact) special tours with guides, in various sites of Pelion, trekking at natural paths, visits to monasteries etc.

You shouldn’t miss a ride with the Steam train of Pelion Mountzouris, which started its operation at 1895 and stopped at 1971.
Travel Information Pelion Greece Pilio Tourism
For 76 years was carrying passengers and goods contributing that way to Volos’s and generally to Magnesias progress and development.

The last years the famous train climbs the Pelion’s hills again, where starting from Lehonia, does a beautiful tour through green ravines, passing under stone bridges, making stops to traditional villages and ending its journey at Milies.

Very interesting as well is the archeological importance of Magnesia, which is centered at Aghialos, Sesklo and Dimini, Dimitrias and many other areas in Magnesia, where important and interesting findings from these areas are exhibited at the Archeological Museum of Volos.

Today the region of Magnesia thanks to the coordinate efforts of the local municipality consultants and it’s people, is an ideal place for holidays, that attracts thousand visitors from Greece and the rest of the world.

Offers comfortable accommodation with all the modern facilities, and through the cultural events that are taking place to the various villages, surfaces the culture and ethos of a region that keep developing through the centuries, preserving its traditions and morals.


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