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Food and Drink in Pelion

Pelion is famous for its traditional cuisine and also the traditional sweets and pastries. In the whole region of Magnesia there are on offer many restaurants and tavernas that offering local cuisine and also international cuisine, such as Chinese, Italian, |Lebanese and more.

At Volos and particularly at its port area, is located the “tsipouro district” tsipouro is the local drink, kind of like ouzo but less aromatic. In the meze restaurants here,
are serving tsipouro accompanied by a variety of mezes and those specific restaurants are called Tsipouradika, the tsipouradika of Volos are quite famous and you should stop and have the experience of the tasty journey.

At the traditional tavernas you will have the chance to taste local traditional tastes, such as spentzofai ( local sausage cooked with green- red peppers and herbs), tsitsirafla ( which are pickled tender leafs), wild mushrooms from the mountains, lovely vegetable and green pies, big selection in vegetarian meals, sausages and meat from local live stocks.

At the coastal villages such as Milina or Kala Nera you will have the chance to taste fresh fish and fish food, and at Milina you will try the famous Spaghetti with fresh Langoustines, in restaurants next to the sea.

In the winter special at the mounatinouw villages you will have the chance to try except the local cuisine, fantastic soups with beans, chick peas, or vegetable and meat soups. Of course you will have the chance to try red and white meat by local live stocks and in some cases maybe piglets or hogs. You will accompany your meal with excellent local wine or tsipouro, that is on great offer.

Don’t miss to try the delicious home made sweets, marmalades and cakes, that are made by the women of local associations in the villages.

Sweets and many organic products are on offer in special shops around the villages. You can buy local wine, olive oil, olives and their products, honey, herbs, and home made pasta.

Many bakery shops are making excellent bread, that has inside local cheese, olives or herbs. In any way that is a traditional taste that will put your taste buds on.

As well as the nice traditional restaurants and tavernas, Magnesia has to offer a big variety in Cafes, Bars and night clubs with pop and Greek music. Cafe bars with a modern or traditional look are offering selections of coffees, beverages, sweets, cakes and snacks during the whole day.

In each village you can find at least one restaurant or taverna with traditional food and tastes. In many villages and cities in Magnesia you can find tsipouradika with variety on mezes, pizza places, coffee places, creperies and also bakeries with traditional products and pastries that will cover all your needs in food and drink during your holidays.

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