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Alternative Holidays in Pelion

Holistic Vacation in Pelion - Greece

Εναλλακτικές Διακοπές στο ΠήλιοEastern Healing Arts
Trekking & Horseback Riding
Greek Arts, Culture & Mythology
Agritourism & Organic Farming workshops

Pelion Development Institute has been created to support and promote culture, ecotourism and the local community of Pelion in general.
Being itself supported by local authorities, volunteers, private members and sponsor companies it conducts a wealth of cultural, educational and environmental events, programmes and seminars.

As a part of its program for the development of sustainable tourism on
Pelion peninsula it organizes and offers holistic and environmental-friendly
vacation packages.
Pelion Development Institute offers ethical & sustainable vacation packages, based on creative workshops and recreational activities.
With us you will experience the local customs and traditions, learn basic history and language, and above all meet the Greek people, share their culture, taste their cuisine and participate to their famous feasts & dances!    
Individual travellers or groups (unions, schools, associations etc) may choose between a variety of fixed packages or ask for a custom-made vacation plan. 

About Pelion:
Poets sang their praise of the beautiful Pelion Peninsula in ancient times.
Homer referred to it as the summer residence of the Gods. Early medicine and wisdom were cultivated here.
Chiron, the wisest of all Centaurs, lived on Pelion mountain. Among his students to
the art of healing were Hercules, Jason and Achilles, the famous hero of the Trojan war. It was in Pelion that the Greek "Father of Medicine", Asklepios, was initiated into the art of
The Pelion Peninsula, country of the legendary Centaurs and Argonauts, is a green oasis with lush vegetation, small, idyllic villages and sandy coves.
Away from mass tourism one experiences here tranquillity and genuineness.

Εναλλακτικές Διακοπές στο Πήλιο

Our location:

Just outside of the village “Argalasti”, surrounded by olive trees, is the small
coastal hamlet of “Belian”, where in a paradise garden you will find our traditional mansion and restaurant serving local products only.
Located just 200m from a lovely secluded beach with crystal clear waters we are facing west to the unique in beauty sunset over the Pagasitic gulf.

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Tel: ( + 30 ) 6932 222440
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